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HP SureStore 1/9 Ultrium network card problem

HP SureStore 1/9 Ultrium network card problem

Hi folks,

I have a SureStore robot with a network management card inside.
Since a few days, its onboard www server is dead. The board doesn't even respond to ping.
If I check the configuration from the operator's panel, all seems fine.
I have set a fixed IP address.

Could it be the board suffers from some code Red attack ? What www server is actually in there ?

If I power cycle the device, it will usually respond to ping and www requests for a few minutes, then go dead again.

Any idea what could be wrong ?

TIA for any help,
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: HP SureStore 1/9 Ultrium network card problem


The board is not vulnerable to a code-red attack as it does not run IIS. It could be vulnerable to DDOS attacks but most likely your network is secure enough so that external people cannot reach the ip address.

I would do the following:
- Make sure library code 2.30 is installed. It is available via
- While you're at it make sure the Ultrium drive has E15V code installed.

To troubleshoot the network problem we would need to know: is the workstation you are using on the same segment (i.e. hub/switch) and what network speed are you using; if 100tx, does the issue also happen with 10Mbit ?

Hope this helps you on your way,


Re: HP SureStore 1/9 Ultrium network card problem

The workstation is on the same subnet, but not on the same segment. The board is connected to a 10 Mbit hub, which is in turn connected to an Extreme 10/100 Mbit switch. The workstation is connected to another port of the same 10/100 Mbit switch.

I tried connecting to the board from a workstation on the same hub without success either.

The link LED is on, both on the hub and on the board.

I managed to upgrade the board's firmware to the latest version (2300 I think) during one of the short times the board is up after a power cycle. The upgrade procedure completed successfuly, but the network problem is still there.

This is the output of scsiinfo:
glm1: st3,0 tgt 3 lun 0:
Synchronous(20.000MB/sec) Clean NoTaggedQueuing Wide
Removable Tape: HP Ultrium 1-SCSI E12V [S]
glm1: sst2,0 tgt 2 lun 0:
Asynchronous Clean NoTaggedQueuing Narrow
Removable Changer: HP C7145 2300 []

Thanks for your help,
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SureStore 1/9 Ultrium network card problem

Yours is the second report of a problem like this. The engineering team is working on the problem and has recently reproduced a failure with the same symptoms using the same firmware revision you are. I'll let you know as soon as I hear if/what is found. Hopefully a fix will be available soon.

I don't know if there is a specific problem that causes the network card to fail. If I hear of one I'll post it here.
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SureStore 1/9 Ultrium network card problem

The engineering team has found two issues that can cause the network card to quite responding. The most likely cause is that a malformed http version in an http request can overflow a buffer and cause the http process to crash. The other issue that may be a problem is that there is a stack overflow when running tests from the network card.

There should be a new firmware release available soon with these fixes but it will take a few weeks to go through a release test cycle.

In the meantime if you can find out if something is sending requests with a malformed http version field to the network card you may be able to avoid the problem. It is also possible that an http version other than 1.X may cause the same problem.

Re: HP SureStore 1/9 Ultrium network card problem

Thanks for your answers.

Guess I'll wait for the firmware upgrade, and see how it goes.