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HP SureStore 6/60 Hard Error

Regular Advisor

HP SureStore 6/60 Hard Error

Hello all,
One if our customers recently having problems with hsi surestore tape library, an error msg appear on the display :
"Hard Error log (1/10). Failed to loadtape into drive"
It does not do this on a specific drive or specific position, expected pb is coming from the arm..
any ideas will be thankfull..
Firmware of of surestore is 1.30.0

Thanx in advance
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SureStore 6/60 Hard Error

please use HP LTT to generate support ticket for library (highlight library, not a single drive!) and attach to your next reply zipped.
From first look I would upgrade firmware (using LTT) and checked ALL the tapes (if DLT library - tapes' leaders also)
Peter Frazer
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP SureStore 6/60 Hard Error

I agree with the Firmware upgrade, but mostly from a standpoint of tech support will ask you to do it as a first step. Just remember to uprade to 1.41.0 first. You should download the latest Storageworks Library and Tape Tools as well as the latest firmware bundle that will contain all the current firmwares for the C7200 (Surestore x\20\40\60) DLT Library. Also make sure your drive firmware is up to v59. When you do this, it is likely (unless you are running the very latesst version) that you will have to reconfigure your Backup software. Let us know what software you are using as well.

Regular Advisor

Re: HP SureStore 6/60 Hard Error

Thx Peter, Eugeny for your replies...
I checked with the version of Backup software and unix, they are :
Omniback 4.0 running on HP-UX 11.0

Two point i have i mind:

1-do u think we need to reconfigure the Backup software?? and if yes where can we find info about this subject..

2-Is the firmaware upgrade to 1.41 enough or need more upgrades ? coz Peter mentioned "to upgrade to 1.41 first.."