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HP SureStore 818 Autoloader

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HP SureStore 818 Autoloader

Backups on my SureStore 818 have all of the sudden begun to fail do to hardware errors. The first time the error said "Device FAILED. Hardware Error 65h." I did some looking around and found an error list that recommended rebooting the device to fix the problem...that did nothing. I was able to use the admin menu to do an emergency unload of the tape that was loaded when the device failed. After unloading the modules(running RedHat), rebooting the Autoloader and doing a modprobe on the scsi_hostadapter, I was able to communicate with the device. Next I cleaned it using a new HP cleaning tape. The next morning the backup failed again, this time it says: "Hardware Error 64h drive_s_cmd_tout"
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
Curtis Ballard
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Re: HP SureStore 818 Autoloader

Those errors probably mean that you have a dropped leader on the drive.

The first error 65h indicates that the tape failed to load properly and the drive indicated that the tape needed removed and reloaded. Sometimes when the drive fails to properly load the tape it will drop the leader and then the next move fails with a 64h. If the drive was power-cycled while in that state the chances of a dropped leader are really high.

Note: Power cycling a DLT drive while a tape is loaded is the worst thing you can do. Microsoft has got us used to "if it doesn't work reboot" but that really causes problems with DLT tape drives. We've been trying for years to get people to quite power cycling DLT tape drive until they have tried everything else.

There are leader reattachement instructions posted on HP's and other web sites.