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HP SureStore AutoLoader

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Mike Davidson
Occasional Visitor

HP SureStore AutoLoader

I can't get my DLT autoloader (418/c6280f)to show up in Backup Exec 8.5 (only the drive shows). My server is running win2k. HP Library and Tape Tools see the loader but say it is unsupported, so I can't use the tools to do anything. I've run through all the troubleshooting suggestions found in both HP's and Verita's troubleshooting documentation. I've also tried almost every possible combination of SCSI numbers. The terminator is on and the pins on the SCSI cable (3ft.)are not bent. Remove Storage service is disabled and the changer shows up in Device Manager as "Unknow Medium Changer Device." Everytime I attempt to select an alternate driver, it automatically goes back to the Microsoft version. Device properties for the changer show the manufacturer as "GenChanger" and it is working properly.

Anyone have any ideas where to go next? Is the changer hosed? Any help is appreciated.
Curtis C. Ballard
Occasional Advisor

Re: HP SureStore AutoLoader

I replied once but didn't see it so ignore this if both replies show up.

The most likely problem is a changed or corrupt inquiry string. Fortunately the 418/718/818 autoloaders all have an option to default the inquiry to a known string.

Go the "ADMIN *" then "CONFIG *". If you've been changing SCSI ID's you've probably seen the config menu.

In the config menu there is an option "INQUIRY TOGGLE" change it. I believe it defaults to OFF and needs set to ON. That should cause the autoloader to report a string recognized by BE and LTT.

WARNING: downloading firmware or running "SET DEFAULT CONFIGS" will reset that value and you will need to change it back after the update.

I believe LTT has an option to set the string permanently but it requires a password that you would have to get from the HP call center.
Mike Davidson
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP SureStore AutoLoader

That's it! You da man! Thanks a million, Curtis! The setting was set to "off," so I changed it to "on." During boot up, the SCSI bannered and correctly identified the changer, and BE saw it as well.

I've been working on this mother for 9 days straight, swapping parts with good systems, installing/updating software, changing SCSI numbers, reading stacks of documentation, etc. I just have one last question: I plan to update the firware using LTT. Once done, do I leave the Inquiry setting to "on," or should it be changed back to "off"? This is assuming the firmware upgrade will fix the string problem.

Thanks again for your help.
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SureStore AutoLoader


As Curtis said, the changable inquiry string (stored in Flash) was apparently corrupted. HP L&TT can update the changable string back to what it should be, and then the config setting will not matter. This is an advanced option in L&TT, and it's password protected (to protect someone from doing something they shouldn't).

Send your email address (and mention this message) to, and we can send you a temporary password which enables the 'option' button on the firmware tool

FYI, the current firmware for the 418 autoloader is 2.12. You can obtain this using the 'get files from web' feature under the File menu in L&TT.

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