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HP SureStore DAT24x6

Monika Rouse
Occasional Visitor

HP SureStore DAT24x6

I am in the process of converting DDS-4 backups to LTO-2. I am using C1557A drive to restore old backups and after first week of successful work, suddenly the tape drive doesn't do anything after tape magazine is loaded. I tried powering it down, rebooting server, reconnecting SCSI adapter, nothing. I load the magazine and nothing happens. I can't do inventory, catalog or restore.

LCD screen shows: Insert magazine.

I checked the firmware - U812
Backup Exec 8.6


Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SureStore DAT24x6

If inserting the magazine, the Autoloader load it and show at screen "insert magazien" it appear that some internal sensor do not recognize it.
If the loader is still on warranty, open a call for an exchange,
If OOW, you can try to open the cover and have a look inside