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HP SureStore DLTvs80 speed

Rupert Heesom
Occasional Advisor

HP SureStore DLTvs80 speed

My company has a DLTvs80 external tape drive plugged into it's own 29160 controller.

It's backing up data from internel SCSI HDDs & an external RAID disk. The RAID disk is using the SCSI B channel of the HP Netserver E60. The other disks are using SCSI channel A on the server.

1) I take it this SCSI B channel is not a proper RAID controller?

2) I'm not satisfied that the speed I'm getting from the tape drive is as high as I could be getting --

I understand that the write speed of the tape drive should be 3 MBytes/sec WITHOUT COMPRESSION. I'm getting about 2.5 MBytes/sec WITH COMPRESSION.

Is there a tape drive diagnostic program that I can use to check that the drive is using it's throughput capacity well?

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SureStore DLTvs80 speed

probably you have a software raid on a scsi controller, this kind of raid will be slower than a hardware raid because everythink is controlled by the software.
If you want to check the the transfer rate, there is a software called PAT (Performance Assestment Test) which will test the speed of your system without sending any data to the tape device, this will indicate you the performance of your system, then you can act on it to get better speed (defragmentation of hdd, more memory, avoid irq conflict or sharing....)