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HP SureStore E 6/60 LTO Tape Library

HP SureStore E 6/60 LTO Tape Library

I am installing a new Library in Ghana ( web access not great) I unpacked the Library and turned it on - and put in some tapes - it passed all the self tests and some manual tape movements - into/out of drives extra. It was turned off over night.

This Morning the library FAILS with a transport error. See attachement. I have checked that there is nothing in the path - every componenet in the picker is OK and moves.

However there does no seem to be power to this unit. When the "Calibrating" message appears nothing happens.

How do I establish what is Faulty? So that I can get the correct spares shipped into Ghana.

How can I go into "Service" mode to do more fault finding ?
harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SureStore E 6/60 LTO Tape Library


Have you the manuals? There should be a section on shutting down the unit, which you should do, and then power cycle it following the instructions.

As for parts and delivery, you'll have to contact HP on the specifics.

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Live Free or Die
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: HP SureStore E 6/60 LTO Tape Library

Hello Brian,

first off, I would make sure that you upgrade to the latest revision of firmware for both the Ultrium drives and the Library controller. These are respecitively: E23V and 1.33.0. You can do this by installing HP Library and Tapetools on your Windows or HP-UX host. All downloads can be found here after selecting the unit you have:

Next, from the frontpanel of the library go into the administration menu, select tests and run the 'lateral movement test. You can select a number (1000 max) of loops you want to run the tests and let it run this test about 3000 times. (you can also select the option to run infinitely and let it run for 2 or 3 hours)

If the libary passes this test (all in all about 2,5 hours) then you should be ready to go.

If the library fails this test, swiftly call your local HP support office for support.

Hope this helps,


Re: HP SureStore E 6/60 LTO Tape Library

Hi Eric,

Thank you for the sugestions but unfortunately NONE of the tests will run. I have tried them all.

I have followed the manual in all respects - still no luck.

I am trying to get a responce from HP Support.

Robert Bean

Re: HP SureStore E 6/60 LTO Tape Library

Looking at your attached file the entire unit is due for a firmware upgrade. You should see if you can do this via the Library & Tape Tools software. If you do not have the latest version, SR4, then I suggest you get it at the following URL:

There are several different possibilities, it may be easier to troubleshoot if you have access to the unit & are able to contact the support nearest you.
David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SureStore E 6/60 LTO Tape Library

The error logs indicate that the picker is losing power (command timed out). This is typically caused by debris on the transport track, or oxide on the brushes. Running the translate test is a good way to clean off the brush and tracks, but the picker needs to have some power for this to work. If the picker is "stuck" on some spot in the track, you can remove the magazines, reach in, and gently push the picker back and forth to clear a spot on the track that might not be making good contact. If you can do that and get the unit to power-up, then run the translate test for a few hours as suggested above.

If you can't get this to complete sucessfully, then you would need to replace the translate assembly.
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