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HP SureStore Ultrium 2/20 supports bootable devices?

Hai Nguyen_1
Honored Contributor

HP SureStore Ultrium 2/20 supports bootable devices?


I ordered the HP parts below:
1) SureStore E Ultrium 2/20 LVDS(A6313A)
2) SureStore E Ultrium Drive LVDS (A6307A)
3) Dual Port Ultra SCSI, PCI BUS adapter (A5150A)
4) SCSI cable (A3401A)
5) 2.5N VHDCI to 68 pin HD SCSI cable (A3401A#812)

Beside backing up data, I also want to use this equipment to build bootable recovery tapes using the IGNITE-UX make_tape_recovery command. And my question is whether this equipment as a whole will be recognized as a bootable device by the N4000 box running HP-UX 11.0?


S.K. Chan
Honored Contributor

Re: HP SureStore Ultrium 2/20 supports bootable devices?

What I know is Ultrium drive is not fully tested as IgniteUX bootable device. However this doesn't mean it is not supported. I would check with HP response center.