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HP Surestore 4mmdat.sys problem Win2000 FIX

Karl Frederick
Occasional Visitor

HP Surestore 4mmdat.sys problem Win2000 FIX

By now you already know what the problem is... (well described in Q269600 Microsoft Technet article)
And you're wondering where to get MS's fix.
MS has purposely left it to the user to write in and request it. You won't find Microsoft's solution on any offical download site.
You must write in to them...
Make sure to mention the Technet article, and they'll know exactly what you want.

Yes, you can avoid the "cost" based inquiries... you'll have to poke around a bit on their site. Yes a human being will respond to your request. In my case, I had a reply in about 12 hours.
MS will email you a link to a zip "file" with a special password that expires in 7 days. Be sure to download the patch asap.

Have I tried the patch yet... will tomorrow. And report back if it doesn't fix our issue.