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HP Surestore 818 dlt autoloader with ntbackup

Jordi Lopez Gonzalez
Occasional Contributor

HP Surestore 818 dlt autoloader with ntbackup

Hi people
I have a problem. i have a netserver lp 1000r with a scsi card that have only the surestore 818. When starts the machine, the targets ids for autoloader are: Autoloader ID 1 and Drive ID 0. The scsi cables are good. In Windows 2000 server i see in my devices and a Quantum DLT 8000 appears, but if i start ntbackup only i can select the option to backup to a file. I see in the web page of HP to downloads drivers for this model of dlt and there isn´t. Anyone who have a surestore 818 working with ntbackup and why can occur these problem?
Thx everyo
Regular Advisor

Re: HP Surestore 818 dlt autoloader with ntbackup

NTbackup is designed more on standalone drives, therefore you have to use 3rd party backup software for you to use your DLT8000 autoloader. But if you still want to use this drive to NTbackup try the following:

-from nt services, start or restart "removable storage" services
-uninstall any 3rd party backup software residing from your system
-check proper scsi connection and termination.
-use dedicated scsi for tape backup system
-try to change tape drive ID # setting.
Hope this can help.
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