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HP Surestore Autoloader Ultrium 230

Chris Goodliffe
Occasional Visitor

HP Surestore Autoloader Ultrium 230

I've got a Compaq ML570 w/ an Ultra3 single channel SCSI card and it doesn't seem to be communicating well with my Surestore.

In ArcServe - which recognizes (after a long while) both the Autoloader and the Ultrium - comes up with errors such as:

6300 Windows NT SCSI PORT Error

I have disabled Windows 2000 RSM and uninstalled the HP Tape & Library software.

Why is there no Win2K driver for the Surestore unit?

Hope to hear from ya!

Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: HP Surestore Autoloader Ultrium 230

Hi Chris,

The NT port errors are indicating SCSI related errors that probably will also show in the systems eventlog. If so, check the SCSI cabling etc especially since you wrote that ArCServe needs a long time to detect the harwdare.

There is no driver for the for the Surestore autoloader as the loader part is completely controlled by ArCServe. Also make sure that windows does not load a tape driver for the ultrium as ArcServe has it's own built in tapedriver.

good luck.

Chris Goodliffe
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP Surestore Autoloader Ultrium 230


Thanks ...

What I did was remove the 'el cheapo' SCSI card (66Mhz Ultra3 Single Channel) and instead hung the Autoloader off the back of our 5300 Smart Array Controller (considerably more money!). Worked like a charm!

I did have to go through a few reboots to get Arcserve 2000 to recognize both the Autoloader and Ultrium correctly. Took a few days in total.

Thanks for the response ... !