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HP Surestore DAT 24i Problem

Occasional Contributor

HP Surestore DAT 24i Problem

We have a serious problem in one of our servers at customer site.

The server model is HP Netserver LH3000 with HP Netraid 4M adapter

O/S Installed : Sco Unixware 7.0.1 i386 x86at Sco.Unix_Svr5

Problem Description

The server is installed with a backup drive and giving Very slow response
in backup/Restore.

Backup Drive Information

HP Surestore 24i DAT drive

P/N : C1555-60023
Model : C1555D

When taking the backup , It backsup approx. 3 MB per minute.

But when I installed another brand of backup drive (Sony-segate) it backsup
approx. 70MB per minute.

The same response exists also for the Restore process.

( All the other components in the server are same)

We tried it with another HP 24i (same type) of DAT drive by it gives the
same response.

Pls help me to solve this Problem.
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Surestore DAT 24i Problem

Hello Kokila,
- check if when you connect drive SCSI bus is correctly terminated (2 times - from both bus ends). Check on-drive termination turned on and termination at the end of the cable (over-termination);
- install this drive in host (OS) which can run HP Library and Tape Tools (LTT - available from and check it running tests. Try updating drive's firmware to the latest (L111);
When running tests take note on drive throughtput tests and if compression is turned on;
- try disconnecting othere devices from the bus (leave DAT alone with controller);
- try brand new tapes from HP p/n C5708A (DDS3);
- try cleaning device. Please note DDS drives should be cleaned every 20 tape pulling hours or after 5 full backups (usually after business week).
Good luck!