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HP Surestore DAT40

Brad Cogswell
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HP Surestore DAT40

Having some trouble being that any backup with more than 21.8 Gig wont continue even though it is almost at the end...

How do I know If compression is being achieved? I know that it is a 40 GB tape what I don't know however is if it is Hardware compression that needs to be implemented or Software?

I am backing up with veritas Backup exec 8.0 on NT4.0
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Gregory Fruth
Esteemed Contributor

Re: HP Surestore DAT40

The 40GB figure is a lie... or at best only an
estimate as to how much will fit on a tape
assuming 2:1 compression. If your data is
not compressible then you will only be able
to fit 20GB on a tape, because the native
capacity of a DDS4 tape is 20GB. If your
data is mostly text files, then the compression
can be 2:1 or better. The drive itself does the

If your data is compressible and you are still
only getting ~20GB per tape, then there may
be a problem with the jumpers or the driver.