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HP Surestore DLT Autoloader 818

Alvaro Moncada
Occasional Visitor

HP Surestore DLT Autoloader 818

I was wondering if some of you guys would have any info in how to connect an HP Surestore DLT Autoloader 818 to a Win 2000 Server..? Are there any compatibility issues..? I will be using the Win 2000 Back up utility temporarily, so I was wondering if I could connect this tape library to my server to start running local backups..!

I will appreciate any info/advice on this matter..!

Thanks in advance,

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Surestore DLT Autoloader 818

Hi Alvaro,
the 818 is a DLT8000 autoloader, it has been used for windows for several time. You just have to pay attention to the scsi interface: LVD vs HVD, and according to that, install the apropriate HBA.
Then what you need it to configure you Backup sw to use this library.