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HP Surestore Dat 8i errors

Paul Lavallee
Occasional Contributor

HP Surestore Dat 8i errors

We are running Windows NT server 4.0 with sp6a loaded. We utilize ArcserveIT 6.6 for tape backup sofwtare. It continues to indicate the data is at risk and do not use the same media again. This occurs on brand new tapes.

I successfully ran HP Tape Assure software, it's read/write test reported no problems.

The drive consistently flashes orange indicating the drive should be cleaned, Arcserve software also suggests the same remedy.

The firmware on the C1533A HP drive is A708. I use HP 5709A cleaning cartridges.

I intend on installing the latest Library and Tape Tools software, including upgrading the firmware (if possible). I wll also use compressed air to ensure all particles have been removed from the device.

Is it advisable to perhaps clean the drive with isopropyl alcohol using a felt q-tip ??

I appreciate all comments and recommendations. Thanks very much in advance.

Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Surestore Dat 8i errors

I do not recommend to do it, but this does not mean it will not help :o)
DAT drives should be cleaned after each 5 full backups or 20 tape pulling hours. Please follow this recommendation.
In your situation please try using cleaning tape 5 times consecutively.
Installing LTT and upgrading firmware is a great idea. Analyze drive and see what LTT will recommend to do