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HP Surestore E Tape Library

Adam Hicks

HP Surestore E Tape Library

I am cosidering purchaseing one of these units (A5583A) with two DLT 8000 drives (A5589A) for my data center. How old is the A5583A? Is it obsolete now? I belive I should still be able to put under support but cant find too much info on this unit. THANKS!
Scott McIntosh_2
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Surestore E Tape Library

The "Galactica" tape libraries were discontinued at the end of October 2002, let go and replaced by the Compaq-badged Overland Data products after the merger.

The "Galactica" tape libraries will be supported until the HP-standard five years after discontinuance, so end of October 2007 (they will then be "obsolete").

So you should be able to get a support contract for one until then.