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HP Surestore Ultrium 230 Cannot Insert Tapes

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HP Surestore Ultrium 230 Cannot Insert Tapes

Hi people.

I have the device is in the subject, i was using Veritas Backup Exec on WinNT4, but some weeks before start having problems, them i decide to stop using that software.

Right now i want to move my backup server to FreeBSD with bacula, but after some testing with bacula, my device stop working.

If i want to insert a type, the device dosent detected anymore and for that reason didnt take it.

I have two SCSI cards, the one i was using on NT4 is one Adaptec 29160LP wich i move to WinXP_sp2 to test the device using HP Storage Works library v 4.0SR2 and try to detect the device problems.

I start the LTO Drive assessment Test wich FAILED.

I send here the log that Surestore give to me.

I have this fragment of the log that say this:

||__ LTO Drive Assessment Test, version V19.08.2005
||__ Product ID is Ultrium 1-SCSI
||__ version: V08.03.2006
||__ Firmware rev E22D is out-of-date for Ultrium 1-SCSI as of Wed Nov 27 19:00:00 2002; update to rev E2BD.
||__ There were 18 rules checked.
||__ Device Analysis has checked the historical information and warnings have been reported.
||__ There was a problem loading the tape.
||__ Byte2 0x2 SenseCode 0x3a SenseQual 0x0 ErrorCode 0x0

||__ Please call the hp call centre for further assistance.
||__ The tape failed to load within the required time.
||__ Testing has completed and some problems were found.

Yes i know that my firmware is OUT-OFF-DATE, i have here some months working and iam fixing all i can, i didnt update the firmware because i first want to repair this device and latter update the firmware.

Hope someone show me the way to fix this. Thanks all for your time.

aleks mindlin
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Re: HP Surestore Ultrium 230 Cannot Insert Tapes

3 posibilities:

1. Bad tape.
2. Drive has mechanical problem.
3. Outdated Firmware.