HP Tape Drive

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HP Tape Drive

Sorry i have a small problem with the My tape Drive give me this error on

|__ Test 'LTO firmware to data tape converter' started on device 'HP Ultrium 1-SCSI' at address '4/0.4.0'
||__ This script will convert an existing firmware update tape back to a data tape. Continue?
||__ Please present the cartridge for loading (but don't load it)...
||__ Analysis Results
||__ Firmware to Data Tape started
||__ A tape is already loaded. Please unload the tape and try again.

is any where i can resove this Problem.
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Re: HP Tape Drive

Why you need a firmware update tape?

Why not update with LTT?

Hope this helps!

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Re: HP Tape Drive

You do not need to run all the possible tests in L&TT. Some of them, like cooling test, firmware tape creator or this one are only for special cases.

And this one is simply telling you that the tape must be in the drive, but not loaded before you start the test.