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HP Tape Library Solution

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HP Tape Library Solution

Does anyone know if HP has a tape library unit that we could replace our StorageTek library and ACSLS solution. I know HP has libraries and omniback for system backups, but we are looking for a online ACSLS type API interface.
Dave La Mar
Honored Contributor

Re: HP Tape Library Solution

Dan -
Nearly two years ago we purchased the HP SureStore 10/180 library.
(up to 10 drives and 180 slots - 200 gb LTO).

To manage this we went with Veritas Netbackup Data Center.

After some initial configuration and hardware problems we have found it to be very stable and efficient.

Our operation runs 24X7 as do our backups, restores, etc.

Veritas was chosen over Legato.

Good luck shopping.

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Andreas van Gogh
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Re: HP Tape Library Solution

Hi, the Production of the 10/180 was stopped at the end of last year. You have to choose between the ESL9000 series and the MSL50xx series.
Depends on what size of library you need.

Brian M Rawlings
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Re: HP Tape Library Solution

Dan: to the wry amusement of all, let me just say that the HP 10/180 mentioned is actually a STK L180. HP OEM'ed the L180 and L700 up until last year. To the best of my knowledge, they didn't support the ACSLS library sharing stuff in any of the HP models, although you never know what you could get STK to add once you got it on site (but there would be support issues, since HP did the support on their versions).

HP's librarys are now also OEM'ed, but from two vendors. The small libraries are from Overland Data, and the larger units are from ATL. HP does not appear to be offering any "library sharing" with their products.

I would suggest looking at the ADIC Scalar 1000 (or 10000 for the really big one), if you want an enterprise class library with 'partioning' or 'sharing' capability. Their DLC "Distributed Library Controller" does what ACSLS does. Both ADIC and STK are credible competitors in the big library space, probably the top two in fact. Both offer full-featured products, so if you are looking for an alternative to STK, go with ADIC.

Regards, --bmr
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