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HP ULTRIUM 1840E LTO4 compatibility

Juan Francisco Esteve_1
Occasional Advisor

HP ULTRIUM 1840E LTO4 compatibility

I need to know the compatibility for HP ULTRIUM 1840E LTO4 external drive to be attached to a SUN T5220 (Solaris 10) server.

Do you know where to find out this??

Or even, do you know how to get a compatibility matrix from HP Tape devices with Servers models from other vendors than HP??

Thanks in advance


Trevor Roddam_1
Valued Contributor

Re: HP ULTRIUM 1840E LTO4 compatibility


Not sure about Solaris-10, but on older versions of Solaris I had to edit the stape file to make it believe that the HP LTO ( 2 at the time) was actually an IBM LTO.

This was too long ago to remember the actual changes though, sorry. This was due to Solaris not accepting that it knew what an HP LTO was, even though it did.

The HP LTO should be compatible with Solaris.

Assuming you're using SCSI?
The 1840 is U320 only. It will not step down to U160 like LTO3.
SAS is a very different situation that I can't comment on.

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