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Re: HP Ultrim 448 over-heating inside

Ankit Mistry
Occasional Contributor

HP Ultrim 448 over-heating inside


I have a some querry about my HP Ultrim 448 External Tape Drive.

I am using it since last 11 months and from yesterday it is getting too hot inside. I have run and diagnose with HP L&TT, the inside temprature is arounding 67.6C to 69.3C.

So, please help me and give some important tips. I have been waiting your replies.

Ankit Mistry
Valued Contributor

Re: HP Ultrim 448 over-heating inside

If it is overheating I think there is nothing to do other than to verify the fan is spining, vent is not obstructed/dirty and to make sure the room temperature is appropriate.

Why dont you get a support ticket from HP L&TT and post it here. Maybe we can take a look at it.
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