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HP Ultrium-2

Occasional Contributor

HP Ultrium-2

Excuse for my English
I have HP Ultrium-2. At backup there is a mistake.
Folders of the small sizes are copied without problems,
But when I set folders in the size 25-30gb that there is a mistake.
I have suspicions that the mistake occurs at overflow of the buffer, because of a plenty of small files.
Help to adjust device.

[Normal] From: "HP:Ultrium 2-SCSI_1_fs01uz" Time: 08.06.2005 13:41:16
STARTING Media Agent "HP:Ultrium 2-SCSI_1_fs01uz"

[Normal] From: "HP:Ultrium 2-SCSI_1_fs01uz" Time: 08.06.2005 13:41:18
Loading medium from slot 4 to device scsi5:0:5:0C

[Normal] From: "E:" Time: 08.06.2005 13:42:15
STARTING Disk Agent for "E:".

[Normal] From: "E:" Time: 08.06.2005 13:42:15
VSS option was specified. Attempting to create snapshot.

[Normal] From: "E:" Time: 08.06.2005 13:42:15
Entering snapshot definition phase.

[Normal] From: "E:" Time: 08.06.2005 13:42:15
Volume 'E:\' successfully added to snapshot set. The volume is now locked.

[Normal] From: "E:" Time: 08.06.2005 13:42:15
Exiting snapshot definition phase.

[Normal] From: "E:" Time: 08.06.2005 13:42:22
Creation of snapshot volume for E:\ succeeded. Proceeding with backup.

[Major] From: "HP:Ultrium 2-SCSI_1_fs01uz" Time: 08.06.2005 14:26:57
[90:51] scsi5:0:5:0C
Cannot write to device (Medium error.)

(The xMA has detected an error while writing to the device. The
error message indicates the reason as reported by the OS. In addition,
you can check if debug log file contains more information.

The session will not be completed successfully. You should
restart the session. If the error occurred on NT system and the
error reports incorrect parameter, the most probable cause is
the invalid block size used to configure the backup device.
You should check the device's block size and set it to the
appropriate value.


[Critical] From: "E:" Time: 08.06.2005 14:27:33
Received ABORT request from SM => aborting.

[Critical] From: "E:" Time: 08.06.2005 14:27:33
Connection to Media Agent broken => aborting.

[Normal] From: "E:" Time: 08.06.2005 14:27:33
Filesystem Statistics:

Directories ........ 3963
Regular files ...... 77702
Objects Total ...... 16634
Kbytes Total ...... 3765693

[Normal] From: "E:" Time: 08.06.2005 14:27:33
Backup completed. Disconnecting from Volume Shadow Copy Service.

[Normal] From: "E:" Time: 08.06.2005 14:27:33
Volume Shadow Copy successfully disconnected. Releasing the volume.

[Normal] From: "E:" Time: 08.06.2005 14:27:33
ABORTED Disk Agent for "E:".