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HP Ultrium 215 tape drive

Occasional Contributor

HP Ultrium 215 tape drive


We have a rack server of the brand "Pointer" (from Belgium). Anyhow, the server was too small to put the Ultrium 215 tape drive in it. So we put it in the pc right below it.
At first we put the SCSI cable from the internal connector (68pin Ultra320) on our server's PCI Adaptec 29320ALP ( ) SCSI card. We kept the server's & pc's case open so the cable was just long enough to go from the server to the pc.

Now I ordered an adaptec internal-to-external adapter, and an external SCSI cable so we could close both cases.
Adaptec part numbers: 2029700-R & 1850600-R

The tape drive is still recognized in Device Manager but NTbackup never gets data written to the tape. With HP L&TT I extracted device data without problem, see the attached file.
The LTO Drive Assesement test fails however. The Read/Write test does complete succesfully however, so me thinks reading/writing should be fine, but still NTbackup can't write anything to the tape.

Did I use the wrong cable or internal-to-external adapter? Or is there something else I have to check? The tape's SCSI ID is 6, and I'm using the latest driver.

thank you

Marino Meloni_1
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Re: HP Ultrium 215 tape drive

the only problem I could see is a temp of 73 degree, this can cause you drive to stop writing.
I would suggest to close the server or pc to allow good airflow and help the lto do get well cooled. also be aware that scsi cable on the back can cause trouble with airflow as well

Jaclyn Rothe
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP Ultrium 215 tape drive

I suspect that NTbackup wont write becasue the media is not formatted... try this:

Steps are based on Windows 2000/2003/XP. These will differ slightly in older OS like 98 or NT 4.0
Enable RSM (stop other Back up Software services)
Go to Control Panel
Administrative Tools
Computer Management
Under "Storage" heading> Locate "Removable Storage" and expand it
Under "Media Pools" heading> go to "Unrecognized"
You will see at least 2 folders; "Removable Media" & the type of drive that cust has (ie:'4mm DAT')
Click on the folder that is the name of the drive (ie:'4mm DAT') with the loaded media
You should see the tape on the right-hand pane
Right Click on the tape
Select 'Prepare'
The Tape should move from 'Unrecognized' folder to 'Free' folder under the drive model (ie:'4mm DAT')
Media is now useable in NTBack up
Jaclyn Rothe
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP Ultrium 215 tape drive

on another note... you are using an INTERNAL LTO drive... the SCSI bus needs to be termianted... make sure you have done this... you should be using an internal cable with termination. I recommend part: C7424-61001
you can order this from: