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HP Ultrium 960 vs IBM-3580 LTO3

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HP Ultrium 960 vs IBM-3580 LTO3


My customer have a IBM-3580 LTO3. He order a HP Ultrium 960. May I read the tape which was wrote by IBM-3580?


PS. LTO1,LTO2,LTO3 tape can read/write each other?
Russell C. Smith
Valued Contributor

Re: HP Ultrium 960 vs IBM-3580 LTO3

Hi Patrick,

The quick answer is yes. The great advantage of LTO tape drives is that they use the "open format" Ultrium technology to write tapes, which means that even with different LTO vendor products you should be able to read, write and maintain compatibility amongst the different products.

Regarding your question about LTO1, LTO2 and LTO3 tape drives reading/writing to each other, the LTO standard for backward compatibility is to write back one generation and read back two generations, therefore:

1) HP LTO1 tape drives, such as HP Ultrium 215, 230 and 232 read and write LTO1 media.

2) HP LTO2 tape drives, such as HP Ultrium 448 and 460 can read and write LTO2 and LTO1 media.

3) HP LTO3 tape drives, such as the HP Ultrium 960 can read and write LTO3 and LTO2 media and can also read LTO1 media.

Hope this helps.