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Re: HP Ultrium LTO-1 Tape Drive

Cory Belgrade
New Member

HP Ultrium LTO-1 Tape Drive

We are experiencing problems with one of our HP Ultrium LTO-1 tape drive. I don't know if these drives are still supported but question if I have to purchase a newer drive like an LTO-3 or 4. Will these drives be able to read my older tapes ( C7971A tapes, 200GB capacity) if I need to replace with a newer unit?
Apar Agarwal
Frequent Advisor

Re: HP Ultrium LTO-1 Tape Drive

Hi Cory,

Fact about the tape drives. All the Ultrium drives are capable of reading the tapes upto two generations old and write upto one generation ols. It means LTO3 tape drive will read LTO1 Tape but can write to LTO2 only. Similarly, LTO4 will read only upto LTO2 and write upto LTO 3.

Hope this clarifies..