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Re: HP Ultrium Tape C7973A 800 GB

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HP Ultrium Tape C7973A 800 GB



We are using ArcServ Backup with te HP C7973A 800 GB RW bands. It works good!  Every year we are changing the bands. Last week i did it. And now every backup job stops at 392 GB. With one of the old bands and the exact same job, i did no changes, it works. WHY? Is there anything i should turn on/off on the band?  In the front of the band i see on the left side the small protect/unprotect window. The old band has a completly open window, the new one only a half one, Is this the problem?


Thanks Daniel

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Re: HP Ultrium Tape C7973A 800 GB

How many GB can you fit in your old tapes/bands ?

Pablo Alv Siles
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Re: HP Ultrium Tape C7973A 800 GB



Have got exactly the same problem with a new batch of tapes, did you find a solution?






ps: With ltt drive performance test the old tapes and the new tapes are not equal (122MB/s for old ones, 45MB/s for new ones)