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HP V80 on backupexec9

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HP V80 on backupexec9

Backupexec 9 does not see the HP V80 1\8 as a autoloader, but as a single backup drive. Running windows 2000 Server.
David Ruska
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Re: HP V80 on backupexec9

Does the autoloader show up in device manager as a "medium changer" device?

If not, what interface do you have the autoloader connected to?

The 1/8 VS80 autoloader requires support for SCSI LUNs in order to see the robotics. The drive is at LUN 0 (default) whereas the robotics is at LUN 1.

If you have the autoloader connected to a SCSI RAID controller (which is not officially supported), often times they do support SCSI LUNs.
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Re: HP V80 on backupexec9

Hi Bernard,

If it's more on software configuration,(assuming both drive and loader are all detected) you just simply recreate your device or loader.

Take a look at this..

Also, try to load the ff. driver.

BackupExecTapeDeviceDriverInstall_265501.exe (for ver. 9.1 build 4691)

(for ver. 9.0 rev.4454)

If your using NT4server, you may need to delete all scsi changer entries under system registry.



then intall update driver installer.

Hope this helps,

Regards @@,?
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Marino Meloni_1
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Re: HP V80 on backupexec9

Arend Lensen
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Re: HP V80 on backupexec9

Hello Bernard,

Please check if the autoloader is in stacker or random mode. In stacker mode it will not present a robotics device to the outside world.