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Re: HP storageworks ultrium 1840 not laoding tape

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HP storageworks ultrium 1840 not laoding tape


I have Ultrium 1840 LTO4 tape drive and I have issue with loading tapes.

When I insert write-protected locked tape, the drive loads the tape, shows as ready, and works fine. But when I insert unlocked tape, the drive keeps loading/unloading the tape forever and nevers get's into ready state. Trying to do any test in HPE Library & Tape Tools faild while waiting for IO operations (usually command start/stop drive).

I tried updating the firmware via HPE L&TT,  when I enter the generated token, it lists all firmware available for the drive, but when I start download, the I got error that it could not download the file.

Do you please have any idea how to solve that?

Thank you.

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Re: HP storageworks ultrium 1840 not laoding tape

Sure this is also a LTO 4 tape?

What firmware is running?

Hope this helps!

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