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Re: HP ultrium 2 autoloader issues

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HP ultrium 2 autoloader issues


     Have some problems with my autoloader and I am not sure what else to try.   The autoloader will respond to commands..etc but the transfer rate is extremely slow.  I have an additional single tape drive that I used on the same scsi cable that works perfectly so I have narrowed it down to the autoloader itself.  It worked perfectly before our server crashed but now once back on the rebuilt server with the same hardware  its very slow.  It also take a very long time to read the drive in library and tape tools.  I usually get a Pending I/O request when I try to read the drive.  Could there be a setting or something in the autoloader it self that could be causing this?





Marino Meloni_1
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Re: HP ultrium 2 autoloader issues

first of all would be nice to know what is the model of autoloader you are using then you can install Library and Tapetool, the hp diagnostic from HP, that will allow you to troubleshoot the device, and allow you to collect a support ticket. You may attach the support ticket here so we can review it.

The slow speed usually is caused by a communication issue over the scsi cable or terminator, so verify if your device is working at the expected speed U320 or U160 and not at 5MB/s Narrow mode.