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HP35480A internal termination ??

Boris Synak
Occasional Visitor

HP35480A internal termination ??

i ran into this tape at a customers site. unfortunately they have not got any documentation at all.

the tape (id 5 - according to the jumpers) is the only device on a LSI ultra320-bus.
server does not boot with tape connected.

how can i activate internal scsi termination ??

Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: HP35480A internal termination ??


you can only terminate the power on the older drives.
This is done by placing a jumper over the first 2 pins from the left. The other 6 pins set the the scsi id's.
Scsi termination was always dealt with by the internal scsi cable having a terminator on it.

Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: HP35480A internal termination ??

Old drive could have an internal termination on the Drive putting two array of resistor on the dedicated place that you can identify in the rear of the unit as per doc attached, if they are present termination is present on the unit.
But your problem have nothing to do with termination I think, You are using a ultra320 scsi HBA, I suppose you are also using a hight performance HDD connected to the SCSI bus.
The DAT that you are attacching to that bus is very old and is a SE narrow.
Attaching this unit to the scsi bus will revert it to SE
I doubt that your HDD will work in SE mode.

Solution: Buy or found a separated scsi card just for the DAT