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HP35480A software needed.

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HP35480A software needed.

I bought the internal SCSI tape drive at a yard sale, but it didn't come with the CD, windows XP pro finds it ok, as a 4mm DAT drive and performs a test backup up to a cartridge with no problems, but I want to be able to erase the cartridge so that I can create and backup a new catalog.

The HP Tape library & Tools software (even though it shows in the software & downloads section under the HP35480A DDS-1) shows that the drive is not supported, why is the software in that section if the drive is not supported by the tape library and tools program?

Anyway, where can I find an HP CD for the HP35480A internal SCSI drive?
D Lancaster
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Re: HP35480A software needed.

I'm a software guy and not a hardware guy but I'd guess that product has been obsoleted for several years now.

One thing you might try is to download the latest set of HP DAT drivers and use that rather than the generic WinXP driver you probably have loaded. Then you should be able to use Windows Backup that comes with XP to control the drive, erase the tape, etc.

The HP DAT driver installer is available at: