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HP6400/2000DC AKA 1504-69201 tape drive info..

Rodney Bell
Occasional Visitor

HP6400/2000DC AKA 1504-69201 tape drive info..

I am writing for information on the following tape drive;
Molel C1504-69201
Serial: xxxxxxxxxxx
Build confg 10.7

The case has markings of HP6400 and 2000CD, but on the bottom lable it states " FEILD INSTALLED REPLACEMENT CHASSIS"

What I have been looking for are specific drivers for this drive that will be compatable with W2K Enterprise Edition Server. I am also looking for the best backup software to run with this device, if it will intergrate into the network.
My searches on this site for info on the model numbers "HP6400" and 2000DC" have been unsucessfull. I did come up with a single match on the "C1504" search but the last part of the model number and a few other ID markers were missing and/or different.
Other than the above driver and software information, I would like to be sure that the information I have awuired on this model is correct.
This is a 2G DDT1 drive. It is no longer in service, and uses a 60mm tape. It appears to be a SCSI 1 device, but may be SCSI 2. It requires an active terminator, and can only be placed in a chain of 7 devices due to the SCSI 1 card being addressed as unit 0.
If any of this information is incorrect please correct it for myself and future browsers.
The two main goals of this post are;
1. To get correct and accurate driver and software information for the drive.
2. To list for easy reference both the " HP6400 " and " 2000DC " Product stamps with the system search engine.

Thank you in advance for your help in this matter.



P.S.This thread has been moved from General to Tape Libraries and Drives. - Hp forum Moderator

David Hatchett
Occasional Visitor

Re: HP6400/2000DC AKA 1504-69201 tape drive info..

I need help with this one too. I am trying to install the HP6400/2000 4mm DAT on my SGI O2 running on IRIX 6.5. I need the correct kernal configuration to go into my scsi file. Any help would be appreciated.