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HP6400 48AL User(Help me) : maybe 1553A(product model)

Occasional Contributor

HP6400 48AL User(Help me) : maybe 1553A(product model)

It is sorry.
I not to be able English well.
Break it will speak

I'm user for HP6400 48AL
and before some one,
update firmware(ns00 -> 9608)

This day after
The diagnosis result which leads HP Library Tape Tools(version2.7sr5)
With afterwords it shows a same message.
The test function encountered an unrecoverable error condition, the test failed.
-- SCSIScript:buidin function error(Line 244, Error GetByte: Unknown buffer Fault)

so,It receives old version firmware(ns01),
It attempted to downgrade firmware again
Mismatch firmware error

Entrusting it gives a solution please.

Maybe The person who is HP6400 48AL firmware(ns00 version and flash program that don't check id)

To send with here(

Vincent Farrugia
Honored Contributor

Re: HP6400 48AL User(Help me) : maybe 1553A(product model)

Hello, I've sent an email with your autoloader's manual.

I know you have a firmware issue now but it can help with future problems (and maybe the currect one too).

Tape Drives RULE!!!
Steve W
Trusted Contributor

Re: HP6400 48AL User(Help me) : maybe 1553A(product model)

I don't know how someone managed to "update" a 48AL to distribution drive code (9608), but that is why you are getting firmware mismatch errors when you try to put NS01 or NS00 back in. It is probably not the firmware update software that is rejecting the firmware ID, it is the drive itself. The only way to get enterprise code back into the drive is to first put in some special manufacturing test code called "mtc". This is not released outside of the factory, so you really need to send the drive back for repair to get the NS00 firmware back into the drive.
The only difference between a HP6400 48AL and a SS 12000 is the firmware, so essentially you now have a SureStore 12000e. Is that a problem? What test did Library & Tape Tools fail on?