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HP700ux UDO library


HP700ux UDO library

Hi guys,

Recently, i installed a HP700ux UDO library and did a formatting on a UDO media.
The formatting took about a total of 5.2hr (2.8hr on each side).
Is this formatting speed normal? is that any way to shorter the formatting time?


Re: HP700ux UDO library


This is not an unusual amount of time for a full re-format. The media is delivered from the factory with this type of low-level format. This low-level format is ready to have a file system added. Writing a file system to the disk surface should only require a few minutes, but a full re-format is different. This causes the disk surface to be written with a format pattern to all 1834348 Logical Block Address's (LBA's) on the disk. Next, each LBA is verified and then each LBA is erased.

Many times (like in windows) a new file system is referred to as a format. Sometimes, the driver will use a term like "quick format" to mean that only a new file system will be written. I hope this has helped you. Thanks.
Tom Gregory, HP

Re: HP700ux UDO library


Ok, I found out that quick formatting took 45mins.

Question, any idea if UDO media is already pre-formatted?

David Ruska
Honored Contributor

Re: HP700ux UDO library

Yes, as Tom said it's low level formatted. You just need to add whatever file system or directory structure is needed by your app.
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