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Hardware Compression o a 1537A

Erich Neumaerker
Occasional Visitor

Hardware Compression o a 1537A

How can i stop the Hardware Compression on a C1537A
Erich Neumaerker




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Bob Light
Frequent Advisor

Re: Hardware Compression o a 1537A

There is a bank of 8 dip switches on the bottom of the
drive that can control compression.

1 on left

Sw 1 and 2 control compression. Default on.

Sw 1 off or 0 and Sw 2 on or 1 Hardware compression disabled and host has
control, in unix it can be turned on or off depending on the device file.

Sw 1 off and Sw 2 off, compression off and no host control.
Horst Blass
Occasional Visitor

Re: Hardware Compression o a 1537A

Hi Bob,
thank you for this information. My 1537A does't do any compression and I cannot
find informations about 1537A at HP.
Where can I get more information about the DIP-settings?
Thanks in advance
Horst Blass
James Klauzner
Occasional Visitor

Re: Hardware Compression o a 1537A

I have the same problem as Horst, namely, I don't think my C1537A is duing compression...but I want to use compression. Could you please let me know where I can get more info on this model of tape drive...

Thank you.
Eric de Lange_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Hardware Compression o a 1537A


Most HP DDS-3 drives will banner on the scsi bus as a C1537A. The modelnumer depends on whether you have a Surestore (internal, external, rackmounted) or a trade ready mechanism. The difference is found in what is bundled with the drives. Surestores come pretty complete with software. trade ready mechanisms come with noting, just the bare drive.

Most information about this drive can be found at

Have fun !