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Hardware compression is failing

Albert Oller
Occasional Contributor

Hardware compression is failing

Hi everyone!

We are having a problem with the hardware compression in Ultrium devices. We have 2 cells and 2 libraries. Cell A normally uses library A with Ultrium1 devices and 200Gb tapes. Cell B normally uses library B with Ultrim2 devices and 400Gb tapes. All devices are configured with hardware compression and they work perfectly. But the compression fails when:

We do a backup by using cell A and library B and any tape.
We do a backup by using cell B and library B and 200Gb tapes.

Any idea?

Thanks, Albert
Archunan Muthiah
Honored Contributor

Re: Hardware compression is failing


There was discussion here on "Hardware compression not working on ultrium"
Find any usefull info for you....

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Richard Bickers
Trusted Contributor

Re: Hardware compression is failing

HP LTT can now show the drive configuration for LTO drives much more easily since 4.0 SR1.

Just pull and view a support ticket (or click on the new 'health' button) and look under the tape drive configuration section of the ticket. You will find the data compression configuration in there.

HP LTT can be found at

Note that the setting of the configuration (via the Mode Select command) is done via the application so if there is something odd going on you'll need to check the configuration of your application.

Richard (LTT team)
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Albert Oller
Occasional Contributor

Re: Hardware compression is failing

The tests done by using LTT were successful, however we didn't find the solution. Anyway, we are now using the tapes on the best device.

Thanks anyway for your help.