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Hardware is offline

Paul Honosutomo
New Member

Hardware is offline

Hi Guys,



Ultrium 3 - Firmware G66D

Windows server 2008 standard

Symantec backup exec 12


We upgraded our file server to 2008 about 2 months ago, it was orginally 2003 and was working fine with the tape drive that is plugged into that server.


Ever since we upgraded the OS we havent been able to make a backup with the this tape drive. We are persistantly recieving errors that the device is offline. Within backup exec it shows that the device is offline - I can right click and choose to online the tape drive but as soon as a inventory is tried it will go to offline again.


We have tested this in a different machine with 2003 installed and straight away the backup exec worked fine.


When using the HP diagonsis tools it shows:

L&TT could not identify the correct NT miniport driver to use for access to this device.
 This may be caused by another application locking the driver.


We have also had the tool reporting if it's been 'hot-swapped' or 'frimware upgraded' to re-scan.

But at no point will the device work and allow us to backup up to it.

Please advise.