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Help on HP DLT VS80 Internal Drive.

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Help on HP DLT VS80 Internal Drive.

Dear Friends,

Please help me on backing up data on my server with HP DLT VS80 internal drive.

i wanna backup 80GB data on my drive (which is some sort of graphics taken by monitoring cameras) on my tape.

my question is that how i can check compression ratio with these files?
how can i backup the data with the maximum size which is 80GB compressed.

i am using Tapeware software which is shipped with the drive. ver 7.0 and the OS is w2k3.

help me on this please.

Best Regards
Marino Meloni_1
Honored Contributor

Re: Help on HP DLT VS80 Internal Drive.

the VS80 use DLTIV cartridge and have a native capacity of 40 GBytes.
assuming a compression ratio 1:2 you can store 80 GBytes but the compression ratio is highly depending of your data, and nowadays all the Filesystems are already optimized to reduce capacity lost, and also all the application producing files do the same.
So it is now very difficult to get the 2:1 compression ration (especialy with multimedia files)
As the 80 GB can be reach by compressing data and not slowing down the tape speed as in a videorecorder I think you will never be able with your data to store 80 GB.

Just a thing you can test, is to check if Hardware compression flag is set in the backup application, but if you can store more than 40 GB is should be enabled