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Help on Medium Changer Required !

Occasional Contributor

Help on Medium Changer Required !

I am a student and doing a project on tape drives.
Please let me know how to handle media changer device so that to load different tapes from stacker or media changer into tape drive.
I am using 3480 Fujitsu tape drive.
i want to load tapes from changer device or stacker at run time.
i am using ASPI APIs but dont have any idea how to initilaize tape media changer device and what command to sent it so that it load and unload cartridges tapes into tape drive.
Please give me some programming tips in c++ or VC++
I will be really thankful of your courtesy and ,kind response.
best regards
Vincent Fleming
Honored Contributor

Re: Help on Medium Changer Required !

The changer device is a SCSI device, like the tape drives themselves. I'm not familiar with the API you're using, but I've done this manually. You can find documentation on the SCSI messages you can send the media changer from the manufacturer (usually on their website). You need to construct the SCSI messages and send them to the unit to manipulate it.

Look for docs on a "pass-thru scsi interface" in your OS' documentation on how to send SCSI messages to devices manually.

It's not as hard as it sounds.

Good luck!
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