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Help with Data Protector Express V3.5 SP1

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Help with Data Protector Express V3.5 SP1

Hi all,

I've just installed the above mentioned software on a standard Windows 2003 Server with a single DAT tape drive also installed (HP DAT72 USB drive).

I am unfortunately a complete idiot when it comes to setting up backup schedules, and need lots of help.

Basically all I want to do is do a simple full backup each day of a five day week. I have enough data to fit onto a single tape, and just want to overwrite each tape each day - nothing complicated, nothing 'hardcore!' lol - just a very simple select a bunch of data, full backup to a tape, run it, eject it, stick the next day’s tape in and it repeats Mon- Fri.

Any help would be mega appreciated.


D Lancaster
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Re: Help with Data Protector Express V3.5 SP1

This is actually fairly simple once you get into it.

First, go to and download the upgrade to Version 3.5 Service Pack 2 (SP2). You will find it under "Service Packs and Patches" in the right-hand column. It has some additional useful features and fixes.

IMPORTANT: Install SP2 using the "Upgrade" option on the installation screen.

After you have SP2 installed. Use the backup wizard to create a backup.

1. Select the "Backup" wizard from the main screen.
2. Select "Backup Local Machine" which will create a job to do a full backup.
3. Give the job a name then click Next>>
4. Select your DAT tape drive from the list of devices and click Next>>
5. Click the "Advanced Options" button and select "Auto eject". Click OK and then Next>>
6. Set encryption options or just ignore and click Next>>
7. Set the schedule as follows
- Run Repeatedly
- Custom Rotation
- Fixed by day of the week
- Click on "Day" and set the options to full back and one media set
- Clear the remaining intervals (week, month, etc.) by clicking on the label and clearing the box "Enable scheduling by ..."
8. If your schedule looks similar to the picture attached click Next>>
9. You can ignore the Copy Policy if it shows up and click "Finish".

Your job is now configured and ready to go.
Take 5 blank tapes and physically label the tapes Monday, Tuesday, ...

Place the appropriate day's tape in the drive and get ready for the backup to run overnight. If you look at the job status screen you can see when it will run and which tape it is planning to use (a SP2 enhancement).

Hope that helps.