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Re: Help with HP 1760 SAS external drive

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Help with HP 1760 SAS external drive

We backup our entire company via LTO 4 on our 1760 drive with Retrospect. We tried to restore some files yesterday and we're getting a Error 206 (Drive failure, dirty tape, bad media, etc...). We ran a cleaning cycle through it and still keep getting that error. We decided to run a verify on that backup set and it's running very slow at times (35 MB per min but sometimes will go up to 5GB per minute). My question, is there a way to run diagnostics on that drive to see if it is failing? Or find out if it's a bad tape? I need to make sure it's the drive before I order a new one. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: Help with HP 1760 SAS external drive

For testing the drive get LTT from and run an assessment test.

Hope this helps!

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