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Heterogeneous tape library sharing

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Tim Rolling

Heterogeneous tape library sharing

I would like to find a way to share a large tape library among two L3000 servers running 11.0 and some Win2K servers. We run Omniback II 3.5. All servers are connected to an EMC SAN composed of two fabric switches. We do not have arbitrated loop nor MC/ServiceGuard, as yet anyway.

1) Is it possible, or advisable, to connect a 10/180 or 20/700 library to our switches and share them between Windows and HP-UX servers, via Omniback and the appropriate SCSI bridge? Is it that simple?

2) Are there significant problems or risks in this scenario? How do I minimize the risk?

3) In this kind of configuration, where should the Cell server be located, on HP-UX or Win2k?

Thanks very much.
Things are never as bad nor as good as you imagine.
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: Heterogeneous tape library sharing

Hi Tim,

Depending on how many servers you are
trying to backup should determine how
many cell managers you should have.
If is over 50 systems you are backing
the suggestion is have two cell managers.
If you had two cell managers, it may be
best to segregate your NT and Unix.
Assuming you don't it doesn't matter
and you wish to use one system depending
on whether you are stonger on NT or Unix
will give you personal choice as to which
way to go. It is a much of a muchness.

It is possible to connect a 20/700 to the
switch and you will be able to see the
drives from all systems connected to it
providing you have your zoning correct.
Have a look at this link for further info
on this point.,,0xbb18cbaac6dcd5118ff40090279cd0f9,00.html
I am not familiar with a 10/180, but if it
has a SCSI/FC bridge in it the answer is
also yes.

If you plan the enviornment first you should
be successful. Please make sure that you have
the latest firmware for the tape libraries,
as there has been significant problems with
the 20/700 and the internal bridges.
bridge --> 2006y
DLT8000 --> V59
Library --> 2.36 (20/700)

Hope I've answered your questions.
Anyone for a Mutiny ?
Tim Rolling

Re: Heterogeneous tape library sharing

Thanks Michael

This really eases my concerns.

Things are never as bad nor as good as you imagine.