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How to fix a media name...

Occasional Contributor

How to fix a media name...

When I run a backup on a MS2000 server, using the build-in backup-utility, it changes the medianame, example:
"Monday" > after backup: "Monday - 1"
So the next time the monday-tape is required, I first have to correct the name. Is their a way to fix the name of a tape?
Matthew Hurley
Occasional Visitor

Re: How to fix a media name...

You can schedule your backups using the backup wizard to create a command line. Copy the created command line from the scheduled task to a text document. Save the text document as a .cmd file. Schedule the .cmd file to run using Windows Scheduler. You can also add the command line to eject the tape when the backup is finished to the .cmd file. You can find detailed information in the Microsoft Knowledge Base. Win2K Backup automatically adds -1 to the tape name. Use the scheduled task to overwrite the tape.