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How to move the tape from device to autoloader

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How to move the tape from device to autoloader

Sometimes, data protector express grabs the cleaning tape when looking for the right media and the job fails.

Is it possible to job to move the cleaning tape from the device back to the auto loader?
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Re: How to move the tape from device to autoloader


Please check the following information:

The Clean Deviceâ ¦ command will run the backup device through a cleaning cycle.
This command is supported only by libraries. If a device in a library provides notification that it needs cleaning and the library has a cleaning cartridge available, a cleaning cycle will be performed automatically at the start of a backup job. If you are using a device that is not a library, you must manually clean the device at the manufacturerâ s suggested intervals.
To clean a device in a library, highlight the device and select Clean Deviceâ ¦ from the Device menu. Data Protector Express will check to see if one of the slots holds a cleaning cartridge. If it does, the cleaning cycle will be performed in the background; if not, an error message is shown.
If the Clean Deviceâ ¦ command is missing, it is not available for your backup device. In this case, a cleaning cycle can often be performed by manually inserting a cleaning cartridge into the backup device.

In order to comply with this, you need to set your autoloader in "random mode"(assuming you have a 1/8 G2 autoloader).

Then the autoloader will take care of it when cleaning is required.

But for my understanding, you can only move the media from slot to slot.