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How to reset C1537A

Peter Gans
Occasional Contributor

How to reset C1537A


I have a big problem with my C1537A after a few backups my C1537A hangup and don't recognize a media change. We drive tells me in the Medialibraray it is empty. After a restart of the server all is fine again for a few backups and then same the happen.

I will now try to reset the drive if it hangup without a restart of the server. It's possible to reset the drive?
Eugeny Brychkov
Honored Contributor

Re: How to reset C1537A

The cause could be drive itself or SCSI bus (cable, terminator and SCSI adapter).
Try connecting drive to HP recommended HBA
Try checking drive with HP LTT and look into support ticket
Curtis Ballard
Honored Contributor

Re: How to reset C1537A

If that drive is installed in the server then there is no direct access to anything that will let you reset the drive without resetting the server.

The closest thing would be a SCSI bus reset but I don't know of any utilities to force that on a Windows system. The closest I have been able to come is to go into device manager and remove the device then scan for new hardware and reinstall the device. Faster than a reboot, especially if you have to schedule around users, but not very clean.

If the LTT tool can find the drive a firmware download will reset the drive but that also isn't very friendly.
Jeffrey Willemsen
Frequent Advisor

Re: How to reset C1537A

This will also happen if the drive experiences errors while backupping and tries to log it into its internal errorlog. When this log is full the drive will stop working. Flashing firmware will also clear this errorlog. The suggestion of using HP LTT is fine, you can test the drive and flash it with this tool.

Also to reset an HP DAT drive simply press three times in a row the eject button (quickly), all LEDs start blinking and the drive will (should) POST.

Don't change a working configuration