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How to use D2D2500 to do a D2D2T and dedupe ?

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How to use D2D2500 to do a D2D2T and dedupe ?

Basically, D2D2500 can simulate multiple virtual tape drivers, so it's not necessary to use 'Data Protector' to do a backup with D2D2500.

Q1: What software should I need to do a D2D2T backup If I want to backup about 30 win/linux, 10 unix, and a D2D2503i is attaced to the proliant backup server through iSCSI. ==> Just use 'Data Protector Express' is good enough ??

Q2: If I use 'Data Protector', should I use "SAN drive extension" since it's attaced through iSCSI to connect backup/media server and D2D2503i? And, if "Advanced backup to disk" is required to do the D2D2T?

Q3: Should I install any agent or specific-backup application on backup clients to perform dedupe function of D2D2500? Does Data Protector also support D2D2500's dedupe function?