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Hp 1537 DAT 24 GB Drive

Hess Bruno
Occasional Visitor

Hp 1537 DAT 24 GB Drive

My Dat Drive does not accept the DDS3 Tapes.
We have HP an Sony DGD 125M Tapes with a lenght of 125M
Thanks for Help.
PS: When the Tape (new Tape) loadet, the yellow LED blinking after 30 second, and the Drive will clean the Head.

Operating Systems: Linux Enterprise Server 8, Windows XP or Win2000 with recomandet Service Packs.
Dave Dewar
Trusted Contributor

Re: Hp 1537 DAT 24 GB Drive


Download LTT from the following link and install and run a system with the tape drive connected. LTT is available for most popular operating systems so choose the one appropriate for your system

Load a tape, and generate a support ticket and attach it to a message here and we can find out what issue you are having.


Dave Dewar
Shaikh Imran
Honored Contributor

Re: Hp 1537 DAT 24 GB Drive

Is it a new drive or an old one ?
The DAT drive is having problems in the cleaning sensor and either the sensor is to be physically cleaned by a HP-Support representative or the Tape Drive needs to be replaced.

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