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Hp DDS4 autoloader C5716A

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Hp DDS4 autoloader C5716A

Since i'm new around here, first i say hello to all of you.
Now, the question:
i have in my possession this DDS device (C5716A), which is a nice autloader, but it's internal. I want to know if exists something that could turn this device into being external.
A pretty question, eh?
To anyone who will reply, many many thanks.
Ostinato! che ciciata!
Marino Meloni_1
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Re: Hp DDS4 autoloader C5716A

no kits are available through HP.
But, as it is a standard unit, you could probably found on the market some boxes with power supply for pc accessories. Power supply is the standard 12V+5V, connection is standard 68 pin wide scsi, you just need to be aware of the scsi terminator.
You probably have to set SCSI id and function mode before to close the box, but it should work