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IBM LTO library via SCSI and Fibre

Pat Novak_1
Occasional Contributor

IBM LTO library via SCSI and Fibre

Ok,here goes... I've got an IBM LTO 3584 tape library with both native fibre tape drives and HVD SCSI drives going through a San DataGateway (Pathlight) and then a Brocade switch. The HP system is an HP9000 A class with the A5158A PCI HBA. The changer on the library is accessed through a defined control path which is one, or can be,all tape drives. Currently the control path is going through a native fibre drive. The latest ioscan shows the tape drives but no medium changer. Who can help with configuration with both native fibre drive and SCSI drives? Oh yea the OS is version 11.0 with the latest patch from July applied. Thanks
Michael Tully
Honored Contributor

Re: IBM LTO library via SCSI and Fibre

Hi Pat,

You will need to properly add the correct
driver for your tape library. I've attached
a white paper which hopefully should assist
you in doing this task. If it does not help
please post in your reply a copy of your
'ioscan' output to see if I can assist

Good Luck!
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