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Inconsistent media header errors

Rob Gemmell
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Inconsistent media header errors

I have been using a LTO4 Storageworks 1760 SAS with OS X 10.5.8 and Retrospect 8.1.626 and I have manged to get 3 pairs of backups done successfully, but then I started to get Bad Media Set errors, and Media format inconsistency on several tape attempts.

The thing about it is that if I do an incremential backup, a chunk of 100 to 200GB will backup fine, but then the next group will end up presenting errors. Then I repeat the process on a new tape, and the first set that worked fine the first time is now spitting the same errors. Then I repeat on a 3rd tape, and then the first two chunks write/verfiy fine, but the third set would give errors, etc.

I've also tested the hardware and tapes with the BRU PE demo which also gives errors that points to the hardware, media area.

My question is for those who have some experience within the the mac world of back up has any clue if it points more towards hardware failure or possibly media fault.

My money is on the deck as fault, but I'd thought I try to see if on the chance if anyone has incountered this situation.

Retrospect doesn't really give a code for bad media set header, but for media set inconsistency it's (10 at X block location)
BRU PE error codes: W010, W039, W069, E070, W130
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Re: Inconsistent media header errors

Did you ever get an answer on this?

I have exactly the same issue with an Ultrium 3

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Re: Inconsistent media header errors

Best install HP L&TT on the system and run some tests to verify the connection, the drive and the media used. 


downloadable here:


Do let us know the outcome of the tests.


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